Daily Sketch Challenge [Part 2]

Forgot to upload the second part. I don't remember what days those are anymore...

Bird creature


Crossbow dude


Random sketches

Guy with axe



Today's my 18th birthday! Level up!

I would like to paint myself every year from now on - to see my aging and progress in artistic skills and style. Sounds fun, let's see how it'll turn out. 
Painted in Photoshop from photo reference, three layers, seven hours or so. And finally some use for that smoke brush I made centuries ago :p

Also 7th day of my daily painting challenge! Half done, half ahead.


Daily Sketch Challenge [Part 1]

New personal challenge: Do at least one sketch or painting a day for the next two weeks. Because I have almost two weeks of free time and want to be as much productive as possible. Days 1 to 4:

Day 01
Hellboy's Gun

Day 02
Abe Sapien

Day 03
Part of the commissioned StarCraft illustration

Day 04
Burning skull knight