Some updates to keep this blog alive

This dragon won the first place in my school's contest. Yay!

Characters designs

Hydralisk sketch. Warm-up for upcoming illustration for a gaming website.


Centaur Warlord

My entry for Character Of The Week challenge on ConceptArt.org. Let's hope I won't be kicked out from voting because I used photo as a base which is against the rules...

Centaur Warlord


Crimson Daggers, here I come!

After unfortunate events on ConceptArt that lead to mass hysteria, a lot of users decided to freak out and leave CA for good. Beside the army of others I too made an account on Crimson Daggers and started my new sketchbook. You can check it out in the image below this post. My CA sketchbook is still active and I will update it as much as possible.

Click the image!