Study | The Hobbit

I've seen Hobbit already! Movie was disappointing for me, just another good looking childish production filled with stupid dialogs and super epic swordfights. And swords were shiny and clean even after butchering hundreds of orcs...
Only pros are fantastic designs of equipment and badass looking trolls.

However, I started painting studies from official photos as soon as I came home from cinema. Here they are:

Thorin Oakenshield

Gandalf The Gray




Study | Frank Frazetta #2 - Death Dealer

My second colors study of master's Frazetta painting. Probably his most known, iconic Death Dealer. 
I was planning to polish every detail of it, but then some work came in way and I lost that spark of passion I had before so I finished it as quick as possible. 

I used one of michalivan's brush at the end.

Death Dealer