Sketches | October - November 2012

New stuff, sketchbook drawings with digital overlay and two Frazetta studies I am working on. I'd like to post reports like this every month, hope it'll work.


Study | Frank Frazetta #1 - Tiger Girl

Dared to do something in colors. I picked a bunch of my favorite Frank Frazetta's paintings and decided to use them as references for my color and value studies. First one finished is the Tiger Girl which he painted back in 1962 as the cover art for Savage Pellucidar - collection of fiction stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
This is my first experience with full-color painting. It wasn't difficult because I was picking colors from original scanned image. Now I realized that it is wrong and I should pick colors by myself just by looking at image... Damn.

Tiger Girl


Fallen Warrior

Finally finished, based on photo ref by kellebass. Go and check out his photos!
It took me few days to complete, no colors though. Drawing chain-mail was pain in the ass so I painted torn cloth or cloak instead.
As always, original large resolution in my DeviantART gallery.

Some process shots