My second attempt in "Character Of The Week" challenge on ConceptArt. Way better than previous one. Ghost of the queen this time. 
Special thanks to cheap-ass monitor for bad color gradients and to Blogger for making it even worse...

Fog looks cool. Like liquid hydrogen. Niiice.


Sketches | July - August 2012

Working on my self-improvement as artist. Doing quick drawings and sketches. Some from imagination, some from photo references. There is a selection of the better ones:



I am digging through ConceptArt.com sketchbooks for some time now. There are few great weekly challenges like "Character Of The Week" or "Creature Of The Week". So I tried my luck in first one. I had to design undead dungeon master. Don't laugh on my final entry...

Cool molten blade, clear lines... Looks great, eh? Not for long.
And here we go: I FUCKED IT UP!!
Probably the worst digital drawing of all times.