After a very long time I finished my entry to Dracopedia contest. It took me couple of days of work. From ideas to sketches and then to final digital image. It was fun to draw, I love dragons, Norse mythology and drawing. I am pretty happy with result ;)

So, here we go: Scandinavian dragon or 'Frostbreather'. (Original size image on my DeviantART profile)

Size: 40' - 50'

Recognition: Quadrupedal scaled body with no wings. Fur on neck, spine and tail. Beard-like fur on chin and cheekbones. 

Habitat: Scandinavian mountains until 9th century. After christianisation of Scandinavia were forced to settle in northern fjords of Norway, Iceland and Faroe Islands.


Sketches | June 2012

Some recent sketches and stuff. 

I want to participate in Dracopedia contest and here is my nearly finished entry + sketch: