Hello, I'm not here anymore

Just remembered I have a blog. Had. Not anymore. I forgot about it and moved on to other social platforms. From now on, you can find me on:

or just google "Spellsword95" and you'll land somewhere relevant.

You can buy prints of my artwork on InPrnt or Society6

And if you read this in the future, my personal website is probably online and running.



Oni are a kind of demons in eastern folklore. Painted for conceptart.org challenge.


Sandman Fan-art

Sandman fan-art


Plague-Breed Unicorn

Plague-Breed Unicorns are ominous pale creatures roaming the outermost regions of the Misty Forest. Their plague-sickened bodies radiate a faint green lights that resemble the fireflies - alluring both animals and unwary travelers. Those who foolishly followed the flickering lights found their death in a form of a unicorn's crooked horn.


dead giant dude and pretty flowers

Sent by the gods to sons of man, to both low-breeds and gentry,
To guard our lives, to keep us safe, to be our sacred sentry.
The giant he was of ancient race, the last one of his kind,
Who loved the nature's little folk, especially mankind.

No foe had crossed his guarded realm, he kept his blessed vow,
Until one day the darkness came, challenging him to bow.
A fight was fought and many fell, still evil sought advance;
Then giant's axe met demon's sword, they swirled in lethal dance.

The wretched blade did pierce the mail, inflicting mortal cut;
Smiting down the valiant guard, his eyes painfully shut.
Blood poured forth from open veins, he knew his end was nigh;
Where vital fluid did touch the soil, red blossoms sprouted high.


SUBSTRATA Creature Designs

As you might know, awesome artist Paul Richards is putting together an art-book called Substrata. It's a dark fantasy game development project aimed at pros in this field. Therefore nothing for me yet, however, I did these two creature concepts.
Their description and full-size images are in my deviantART gallery.

Substrata - Level 1

Substrata - Level 2


Sketches again

The Silmarillion | Elves and Dwarves
The Silmarillion | Plains of Ard-Galen / Anfauglith desert

Deep sea creatures. Not related to Silmarillion this time...